I'm an unremarkable man in my 30s with a healthy hatred of geese. Peacocks too, actually, although that's more on me than it is on them.

I sometimes ride a bike with tiny wheels. Yup, sorry, I'm one of those people. Somebody did throw a sandwich at me once, so don't worry, justice has already been served.

I live in a bungalow because I like to stay grounded, and my wife and I are the youngest people in our street by about 40 years. It probably makes me the most dangerous person in the neighbourhood, which is one of the most pathetic things I've heard.

To pay my bungalow bills and keep the geese from the door, I work as the Head of Branding & Design at The Yardstick Agency. It's the UK's highest-rated marketing agency specialising in financial services and is where I've called home for the past five years. The people there are quite the opposite of geese, so I acquired 10% of the business a while back.

The purpose of this blog is to document the thoughts, ideas, stories and knowledge that I stumble across in the curious world of design. I am absolutely not an expert. Nobody is. But if you join me on my journey, I'll share everything I learn and try to sort the useful stuff from the junk.

The blog is split into five broad categories for now:

  • Review - exploring services and products to see if they're much cop
  • Inspiration - showcasing things I find interesting
  • Design Basics - educational bits about fundamental design principles
  • Starting Point - opinion pieces on how to break into a career in design
  • Productivity - useful tips and tricks to implement in your workflow

This hits the following sweet spot:

Dog / crane / goose blogs will be my next move if this project runs out of steam.

So go and get stuck in. Challenge me on my thinking. Clink glasses, and spill half your pint over me when you agree, and hunt me down in person and throw paint at me in the street if you don't. Or just leave a comment at the bottom of the article and share it with somebody you think will find it helpful.

I'll see you in there!