I'm writing deep within a niche, so if you're reading this, then it's likely you:

  • want to begin a career in design
  • are a professional creative person looking to expand your skillset
  • have an interest in all things orbiting the graphic arts
  • are lost

The blog is positioned as a 'document, don't create' style project. Each piece shares knowledge that I either have already or am hunting down.  

At a headline level, the majority of my content is free to read and enjoy without signing up for anything.

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But what if you want more?

I use the Ghost platform to publish this blog, which allows me to put a paying member structure in place. This will enable readers who want to support the project to pay a modest amount. In return, you'll get access to bonus pieces of content, and you'll be helping the blog to grow in this early stage.

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Transparency is important. In the beginning, this will go towards the various overheads such as hosting or the services and products I'll be reviewing. In the future, the plan is to bring other designers in to write guest posts and venture into other types of media. As paying members, you'll be with me for the journey and will have a say in what topics we cover.

While the articles have a few funnies running through them, together, we're producing a massive body of work that will help creatives wherever they are in their careers. Everything I do needs to add value.

So go and get stuck into some of the articles. Share them with anyone who will benefit, and let's become better creatives together.


The Dan Campbell blog is an entirely independent publication.

I hate intrusive ads, and I don't hold allegiance to any brand or corporation. Except, of course, for The Yardstick Agency, where I float about haunting the hallways as Head of Branding & Design.